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With this a political and ideological island, Ariadne appeared with two identities, the a single who escapes from inside, embracing together with her pleasant “Demoiselle” a topological inversion, being an infinite fortressless animism, to protest emotionally towards the contradiction, the absurdity of your situation, and one other trapped in a postindustrial site, crossing zombified human hostage of alienated Fordism responsibilities rhythmed by mute, dumb machinism.

Mais cela ne peut complètement vous satisfaire, une chose vous manque, une selected unusual, vous sentez cette chose qui vous manque sans pouvoir la définir précisément, elle est quelque component chez vous, une zone de l’enfance, de l’innocence, et de sa cruauté _(phobia-philia)_, …Mais cela vous avez appris à le dissimuler… à vous faire croire que vous pouviez vous en passer…

” …L’architecture expérimentale s’est déplacée sur un nouveau corpus d’instrumentations, fait d’outillage, de computation, de machinisme mais aussi et simultanément de fictions et lignes de subjectivités, en synchronicité avec nos symptômes ; de peurs et d’échappées belles ‘’ici et maintenant’’. L’event de ce flash back again 1993-2050, c’est de parcourir des attitudes en corrélation, en co-dépendances des formes qu’elles sous-tendent, au travers de leurs conflits et réciprocités. C’est découvrir un monde article electronic, submit humain, article activiste, article démocratique, post féministe, …un monde queer…androgyne, charnelle, inquiétant, désenchanté, pornographique, transitoire, transactionnel, …ou les scenarios, dispositifs, malentendus, fragments psychiques et physiologiques sont les matériaux mêmes des murs et des plafonds, des caves et des greniers, …schizoïdes et paranoïaques, aux creux de fictions opératoires et critiques… Les plis et replis androgynes derrière lesquelles… ils/elles… se dissimulent déclenchent confusions et résteps épidermiques, hostilités suspectes, idéalisation fantasmée, voir oubli prémédité.

, weakly connecting a cavernous, dark, humid, sensorially primitive environment with its schizophrenic, antagonist twin brother, crystalline, chilly, luminous, dry, technologically blind, the recognition of the not possible, stuttered dialogue, to… the 1993 “Increasing up” in which chlorophyll Power and entropy collapse and strangle a fragile “chicken legs” residence, wrapped up in and masochistically dominated from the Hazard of its possess predictable Loss of life if the owner doesn't ritualize the required upkeep, a everlasting conflict in between character’s damaging ability and his require to survive… to your petrochemical blur “Filtration” in 1997, with its 5,000 square meters of plastic strips floating in a very tree at the sting of a seasonally tidy wild river carrying nitrates and residues of plastic insecticide baggage that farmers experienced abandoned on its banking companies because it handed by means of their fields, awaiting the spring floods to complete a purely natural depollution support and erase the traces of their chemical dependancy, while instead, and paradoxically, the river delivers them back towards the seen spectrum because the floods ebb, leaving the luggage hanging from tree branches.

twenty five explores ways to navigate this antagonism, which can be negotiated in an (un)certain and ambiguous method… nonhierarchical, nondeterministic, defining a path where architectural protocols

‘’a thoughts-sexual temptation Embassy / from the pursuit of “The Köln symptom’” / a Exclusive shelter on the European Territory struggling with jap survival drive, wild migration, cultural confrontation, protoracism and true prosecutions / an anthropotechnics investigation and fabrication with robotic knowledge and human pathologies’’

Individuals associated with machinist applications, on the manufacture of image source things and substances, and These navigating this aspect of that, casting traces of subjectivation

Just about every submission must discover/create a web site condition suitable for the development on the projected Partial-Complete Ecology: “YUmen[eco]tec-pharming”. As a consequence of character of the Opposition, according to relations and procedures, the location is usually to be recognized as a space of conflict, transaction and relations.

Chania-Naxos gets the location of Ariadne’s possess schizophrenia concurrently releasing and congealing herself from her condition of limbo.

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“But that’s not ample to explain in which you are right this moment. The relatives, your family, is now a conflict zone and you may no more be in denial or serene issues down. You’d like in order to renegotiate the separations involved, to the distances amongst you to develop or contract depending on your temper. To have clear of the deafening shouts of squabbling youngsters, the blaring TV vomiting the evening information coming from your future-door neighbor whose sounds is ruining your daily life… Socio_(phobia-philia)_ and sometimes even take out you from the presence of Other folks, other people from whom you’d like to negotiate a little length in time and Place… It seems that you’ve desired to unalienate you from that community you’re submerged and drowning in…

bare minimum length through site the petit bourgeois conservatism of Parisian neighbours Positioned at the opposite stop of the closed courtyard… this Satan’s Tower /

“But 1st we’re about to do a little exercising. You’re as part of your habitat, your foreseeable future habitat, one that you motivation without nevertheless realizing what it’s like still, however , you can feel it and walk by way of it. You breathe in the ambiance of this dwelling; you Enable it infuse you.

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